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Sunday, December 18, 2011

South Korea the “one to watch in 2012” – Amadeus

Amadeus has predicted that South Korea will be a market to watch in 2012 for both inbound and outbound travel growth. 

David Brett, president of Amadeus Asia Pacific said South Korea is making significant advancements in its travel infrastructure, which is helping to drive growth in the travel sector.

“South Korean travel, both inbound and outbound, has experienced significant growth in recent years,” said Brett. “I believe Korea will be a market to watch in 2012. While it may not yet rival markets such as China and India in terms of travel volumes, it is certainly making some major leaps forward and should continue to do so in 2012, despite global economic concerns.”

According to Amadeus, there are four key drivers of South Korea’s travel industry growth: the rise in popularity of Korean culture, improvements in domestic transport infrastructure, the expansion of low-cost carriers, and technological advancements. 
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