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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Please put your bins away after collections!

Cotswold District Council has called for residents to be more vigilant about removing their bins and other receptacles from the kerbside after waste collections have taken place.  Aside from cluttering the pavement and causing a potential obstruction to the partially sighted, they send out a signal that a house may be unoccupied which could tip off thieves in the locality.

Commenting on this request, CDC’s Waste Manager, Scott Williams, said: “We believe that it is well worth leaving filled waste bins and other containers at the kerbside after 6 pm on the evening before collection to ensure they are picked up the next day. Ideally, residents and businesses should then remove their emptied items from the kerbside by the end of their collection day, or early the following day at the latest.” 

He continued: “We would appreciate it if residents could tidy away their neighbours’ bins and other containers when it is known that they will not be at home for a while.  Otherwise, the emptied items are a clear sign to thieves that a house may be unoccupied.”

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