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Saturday, December 24, 2011

InsideJapan optimistic for 2012

Tour operator InsideJapan has said it is optimistic for the New Year as business builds after the Japan disaster in March. Following a TDUK report earlier this week that found tourism in the country has recovered quicker than expected, InsideJapan has too seen a boost in bookings, with sales up 105% in December compared to last year.

Back in March 45% of clients had cancelled trips, but now group tours in April 2012 have sold out as tourists look to catch the cherry blossom. Matt Spiller, agents manager at the tour operator said its work with travel agents has been key to generating bookings again. 

“We recognised the importance of spreading the word about the actual situation in Japan and in taking the message to the Agents around the UK,” he explained. “2011 has certainly been tough for us as a Japan specialist, but through meeting agents at various events, we have been able to reassure Agents and educate them about this stunning country and its wonderful people”.

InsideJapan has introduced new spring tours and volunteer options for next year and will continue to raise awareness and funds for flood victims going into 2012.
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