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Monday, December 19, 2011

Hotel ID system to be launched next month

A new system identifying hotels by a unique number is to be finally launched next month. TTIcodes, developed by Travel Technology Initiative (TTI) and the European Tour Operators Association (ETOA), will initially assign 200,000 hotels an individual eight-digit code to help avoid confusion between hotel names. Several beta customers are testing the system ahead of its full launch on 24 January.

“As the service rolls out, it will completely address the de-dupication nightmare faced by every travel company that takes several bedbank feeds,” said Peter Dennis, chairman of TTI. “This will save travel companies an enormous amount of time and effort”.  

Travel companies and bed banks will be able to submit their own database for coding, which at the most basic level will provide codes and basic address information. Other options will include geo-codes and cross-referencing with distribution channels.
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