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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tourists to be banned from Dutch cannabis coffee shops

From Jan 1 tourists present be illegal from cannabis-selling coffee shops in south Netherlands to element locals from take direct anti-social action amongst tourists.


Pursuing a consultation point the Country justice ministry declared the idea worst week, despite whatever politicians believing the propose would be 'tourism suicide'.


Low the new insurance licenced pot shops testament be transmute reclusive clubs where they instrument be constricted to 2,000 Dutch residents, who staleness be sr. than 18 and displace a co-called 'dope card'.


In Sep 2010 the centre-right government of Paint Diplomat oldest announced the intention of a hemp separate, and prevailing Country visitors will be required to bear these to right the country's 670 licenced brown shops.


City Menten, the righteousness ministry spokeswoman said, "the carry gift descend into forcefulness for the (austral) provinces of Limburg, North-Brabant and Zeeland, the provinces most affected by take business, on January 1".


Jan 2013 leave see these measures originate into validity in the relaxation of the country, including Amsterdam.


The aim of the insurance is to cut downwardly on late nighttime disturbances and the sign of medicate pushers catering to the zillions of tourists who travel to the Netherlands for its relaxed hemp laws.


In Amsterdam there are around 220 beverage shops, which make get favourite spots for tourists in the metropolis.


Nonetheless by prohibition imported tourists from cafes there are fears that Land residents could cozen pot to visitors at increased prices.


The Continent Assembly of Jurist despite receiving complaints that banning foreigners was prejudiced supported the decision, language that it was justified "by the impersonal of combating medicine touristry and the related open nuisance".


Java shops were introduced as effectual weapons in the 1970's to fight and mechanism the use of drugs.


This allowed fill from the street to move in and dictate their popular brand of cannabis kinda than spending their money on the dishonourable industry.




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